Mentorship programme

First time at a SETAC Europe Annual Meeting?     
  • Looking for some help to find your way at the meeting?
  • Want to be introduced to interesting colleagues?
  • Want to hear more about SETAC?
  • Or just want to chat with someone during lunchtime when you feel lost? 

Then you are invited to register as a MENTEE. 


Longtime SETAC member and regular SETAC Europe Annual Meeting participant?

  • Want  to share your experience with newcomers?
  • Willing to introduce a newcomer to your friends and colleagues?
  • Want to make somebody feel welcome and at ease?

Then you may want to become a MENTOR.


The SETAC Europe mentorship programme makes a match between a newbie and a mentor. The match will be made on the basis of your professional interest area and other preferences that you can indicate when signing up.  Contact details will be exchanged prior to the meeting in order to get in touch with your mentor/mentee and make arrangements for when you are in Nantes. 


Of course it's free! 

All you need to do is indicate your wish to be a mentor or a mentee during the registration process.

Note you should register for the mentorship programme before 22 March (early registration deadline). 

Mentors and mentees will gather on Sunday 22 May, at 5pm at the registration desk.