Science slam

The SETAC Science Slam is coming to Nantes!

2016 SETAC Europe Science Slammers:
  • Louise-Emmanuelle Paris, winner. Congratulations!
  • Andrea di Maria and Gwendolyn Bailey
  • Michael Eckerstorfer


Exciting news for the creative scientists amongst the SETAC community: get ready for the third SETAC Science Slam!

Here are the basic rules:

  • Anyone can apply (students, technicians, professors...) 
  • Submit a 2 minute video clip of your topic demonstrating how you would like to bring across your message 
  • Remember: anything can fly (slides, songs, sketches) ... as long as you present your own research
  • The science slam organisers will select the best six submissions, based on content and originality, to compete live on stage for the title of SETAC Science Slammer 2016

Grab the opportunity and prepare yourself to show your scientific entertainment skills in Nantes! You can apply and submit your video before          25 March.

The SETAC Science Slam will take place on Wednesday 25 May 2016, from 16:30-18:00, Auditorium 800 

Watch our brand new 2016 SETAC Science Slam video:    

Previous SETAC Science Slam winners:

  • 2015 (Barcelona):Oscar Aznar Alemany, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC),Spain:
  • 2014 (Basel): Michele De Rosa, Aarhus University, Denmark:  

A big thank you to all previous SETAC Science Slam participants for their hard work in preparing their on site performances:


  • Jakub Oprsal, UPCE, Czech Republic
  • Gisela Umbuzeiro, UNICAMP, Brazil 
  • Oscar Aznar Alemany, CSIC, Spain 
  • Kristin Schirmer, EAWAG, Switzerland  
  • Michiel Kotterman, IMARES, The Netherlands 


  • Anna Barra Caracciolo, National Research Council, Italy
  • Michael Burkhard, Griffith University Brisbane, Australia
  • Michele De Rosa, Aarhus University, Denmark
  • Michiel Kotterman, IMARES, The Netherlands
  • Monika Sogani, Jecrc Engineering College and Research Centre, India
  • Henry Woehrnschimmel, ETH Zuerich, Switzerland
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